Staten Island Meeting of the Religious Society of Freinds (Quakers)


Meetings are 2nd and 4th Sundays, starting at 10:10 am.


Physical meeting places given below. You can also attend via Zoom. Contact us for the link and/or dial-in info — or 917-617-4207

4th Sundays — ETG Book Café — 208 Bay Street, Staten Island, NY 10301

The store will be closed. Knock and someone will let you in. 

2nd Sundays — South Beach

Location: about 100 yards northeasterly of the northeast end of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk. Walking directions from a nearby bus stop:

Turn off of the walkway/bikeway toward the water just before the Fort Wadsworth sign. Specific spot on the beach is about 100′ northeasterly of the remains of a jetty. 

When you come:

You will know Meeting for Worship is in session if no one verbally greets you when you enter. That does not mean you are not welcome. You are welcome!

Meeting for Worship is not necessarily completely silent. Participants may be moved by the spirit to respectfully share vocal ministry. That includes you, even when it’s your first meeting; but please note that vocal ministry is not a sermon nor a debate, nor is it idle chatter. It’s only the concise expression of “that of God within.” It is customary for an individual to speak no more than once during a single Meeting for Worship.

For more info: Please call or text the clerk at 917-617-4207 or email

If you would like to attend a New York City Quaker Meeting at other dates/times, see

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